Powertronic V3 Ecu Yamaha R125 - MT125 V2 - XSR125

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Unleash the electronic power of your engine. Powertronic is quickly placed as the reference racing electronic box in the world of 125.

Its main advantages are the adjustment of the injection, the ignition advance, the shift of the switch and the addition of a shifter and a button for the 2 programmable maps. If we summarize, it is more complete than a power commander and is placed directly on your original CDI.

In order to adjust your cartography as well as possible, a free downloadable software is at your disposal. A cartography adapted to your type of motorcycle is configured as standard.

The injection setting will allow you to adjust the injection curve. The box offers a wide modification range from -90% to + 200% compared to the original values. You can configure 2 curves in your Powertronic ECU and switch them while driving via the optional maps button. Practical it is easy to do either 2 tests in the same series or to have a curve for the rain and one for the dry.

The adjustment of the ignition curve makes it possible to give more or less advance at such engine speed within a limit of + or – 25° compared to the origin.

The breaker is the thing that limits you on every shift. Staggering it can save you a few horsepower or even a few tenths on a lap. It is also possible to delete it. Warning: if your crankshaft has a few thousand kilometers, pay close attention to the overspeed.

The shifter is easily configurable via the Powertronic software. A terminal is provided in the wiring harness delivered with the Cdi Racing for your 125 motorcycle.

Easy to assemble, it is delivered to you with instructions and a cord connecting the pc to the case. (go to our Ticket support, to request the download link for software, drivers, maps, manual after your purchase)

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Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Yamaha MT Phase 3 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2020 2020
Yamaha R125 RE39 VVA ABS (Euro 5) 2019 2020
Yamaha R125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2023
Yamaha MT125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2023
Yamaha XSR125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2023