Uma camshaft R-VVA R125 - MT125 - XSR125
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Uma offers the Racing R-VVA camshaft for Yamaha Minarelli 125 4T LC engines. This is recommended on prepared engines ranging from 155cc to 195cc. The camshaft is one of the most important elements on a 4-stroke engine.

The Uma Racing R-VVA is equipped with 3 cams with a lever and opening and closing times different from your original camshaft. The R-VVA camshaft will offer you a performance gain in terms of recovery and high speed. Mounts on the original cylinder heads but also on the racing in 22/19 - 23/20 with original throttle body from 34 to 36mm.

Technical advice for mounting the LAB Fast125:

To disassemble your camshaft, it is necessary to remove the water pump from your motorcycle. We recommend that you purchase a water pump housing gasket. Be careful, if you use a high compression piston you will need to check the space between your valves and your piston when fully open.

1- To install the Uma Racing R-VVA, the original (OEM) valve springs must be replaced with Racing valve springs that support at least a 9.5mm compression camshaft.
Failure to change the valve springs can damage the cam lobe.
2- Must be in line with cylinder kits whose recommended bore size is 58mm to 65mm and the cylinder head must have valves with a size of 19mm exhaust and 22mm intake (or 20/23) or even those of 'origin.
3- To obtain the best engine performance, it is recommended to use a degree disc to adjust the camshaft (with an adjustable timing wheel can further improve the fineness of adjustment).
4- The best recommended compression ratio is between 1:12.3 to 1:12.6.
5- Please ensure that the valve spring lift is accurate, otherwise unusual engine noise may appear and the camshaft may be damaged.

Mounts on Minarelli 125 4T LC VVA Euro 5 injection engines for Yamaha R125 2019-, MT 125 2020-, XSR 125 2021-, Fantic Caballero 125 2021-, Fantic XEF and XMF 125 2021-, Beta RR 4T LC motorcycles 125 2021-.
Please look at the vehicle table below, in order to see the possible fitment on your motorcycle.

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