Fasstek injector 160 10 holes YZF R125 - MT125 - XSR125

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The injector is an important element for the proper functioning of your motorcycle because it allows the fuel supply into the combustion chamber. When adding racing parts to your engine, it requires more gasoline and it is therefore necessary to replace the injector with an appropriate model.

We therefore offer this Fasstek racing 10-hole (linear) injector for Yamaha Minarelli 125 4T LC engine + VVA version (YZF R125 V2 2014-2018, R125, MT125 V1-V2, XSR125, Fantic XMF125, XEF125, Caballero 125 VVA, Beta RR LC 125 VVA) with a cylinder capacity of 125 to 160cc.

It comes with an adapter because there are two versions at Yamaha in origin. This adapter makes it possible not to get the wrong version.

Mounting an injector with more holes than the original one will require a programmable box such as a Powertronic ECU or a FuelX PRO or Lite!

Installation possible in our vehicle table below.

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57.02 € VAT Included

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Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Beta RR LC SM Phase 5 VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Beta RR LC Enduro Phase 5 VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Fantic Caballero Scrambler VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Fantic Caballero Flat Trak VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Fantic XMF Performance VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2023
Fantic XEF Performance VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Fantic XEF Competition VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Fantic XMF Competition VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2023
Fantic Caballero Deluxe VVA (Euro5) 2021 2023
Rieju Marathon Pro VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2024
Rieju Marathon SM Pro VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2024
Vent Derapage RR VVA (Euro 5) 2022 2024
Vent Derapage VVA (Euro 5) 2022 2024
Yamaha R125 RE39 VVA ABS (Euro 5) 2019 2020
Yamaha MT Phase 3 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2020 2020
Yamaha R125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2024
Yamaha MT125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2024
Yamaha XSR125 RE40 VVA (Euro 5) 2021 2024