Racing injector 180cc 12 holes - Yamaha 125 phase 1 engine
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The injector is an important element for the good functioning of your motorcycle and it allows the contribution in gasoline in the combustion chamber, this one has the same principle as a nozzle of carburetor. When adding racing parts to your engine, it requires more fuel and it is therefore necessary to replace the injector by an appropriate model. We propose you this 12 holes racing injector for a Yamaha phase 1 engine, with a cylindrical capacity of 160 to 180cc. (see the possible assembly in our table of vehicles)

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57.02 € VAT Included

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Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Yamaha MT Phase 1 RE11 (Euro 3) 2014 2016
Yamaha MT Phase 1 RE11 ABS (Euro 3) 2015 2016
Yamaha YZF R Phase 1 RE06 (Euro 3) 2008 2013
Yamaha WR X (Euro 3) 2009 2016
Yamaha WR R (Euro 3) 2009 2016