FuelX Pro+ KTM Duke 390 - RC390 2013-2023

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🚀️ Boost and optimize your KTM Duke 390 – RC390 with FuelX Pro+ 🚀️

FuelX Pro+ is an electronic unit designed to optimize the air/fuel ratio (AFR) of your motorcycle while improving your pick-up and acceleration by approximately ▶️~25%. Driving pleasure will also be much better compared to an original or Street Racing machine. 🏍️

By coupling it with a Powertronic V4 (Piggyback ECU) which can be a perfect complement, you will see significantly improved power and torque. Starting from a standard or personalized map in your Powertronic V4 ECU, the FuelX Pro+ will allow you to always have, whatever the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude, etc...⛈️, a guarantee that your engine is working in the safest and most optimal areas, even if you have accessories such as an air filter and/or Street Racing exhaust.

With the FuelX Pro+ you will have the following advantages on your KTM:
=> An increase in power during acceleration and at mid-range ~25% 🚀️
=> A reduction / elimination of engine shaking and vibrations at low speed👻️
=> An increase in torque 💪️
=> Better throttle response time 💫️
=> More engine flexibility and different responsiveness on your engine 📈️
=> Choice of air/fuel ratio (AFR) 😎️
=> Engine temperature reduction 📉️
=> Improved engine life, and drive with peace of mind 👍️
=> Works at all altitude levels (except on Everest 😆️) and weather conditions ⛈️

For information on equipment:
=| Quick and easy plug-and-play installation*
=| Resistant to water, cold and heat
=| Resistant to shocks and vibrations 🫨️
=| 10-position switchable button supplied with clip and tightening screw for mounting on the handlebars
=| Complete Pro+ electrical harness kit, supplied for simple assembly and without any modification to the original wiring

Don't wait any longer, order your FuelX Pro+ for your KTM today, or also discover our other FuelX and Powertronic products to optimize your motorcycle! 🤗️

1 year warranty and technical support ticket on our site in the language of your country.

NB: Remember to register your FuelX Pro+ with its serial number on the quick user guide for its warranty, *and take 5 minutes to carefully read the instructions on it. ☕️
▶️~ The improvement in power and torque results comes from engine test bench tests. Actual upgrades are subject to change depending on the make of your motorcycle.

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230.58 € VAT Included

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Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
KTM Duke 390 (Euro 3) 2013 2016
KTM Duke 390 (Euro 4) 2017 2020
KTM Duke 390 (Euro 5) 2021 2023
KTM RC390 (Euro 3) 2014 2016
KTM RC390 (Euro 4) 2017 2020
KTM RC390 (Euro 5) 2021 2023