FuelX Pro Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 2019-2023

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🚀️ Optimize the performance of your Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 with FuelX Pro 🚀️

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to improve the behavior of your engine? Then the FuelX Pro is the electronic fuel injection optimizer you need!
Customize the air/fuel ratio yourself over 10 adjustment positions, adjusting your AFR to explore all terrains without worrying about external conditions, and enjoy a smoother and more pleasant ride 😎️. It is also an ideal complement for an engine configuration with a “Street Racing” type air and exhaust filter🏍️

The FuelX Pro provides a multitude of benefits for your Royal Enfield:
=> Optimization of torque and flexibility of the motor
=> Better throttle response, and feel a different responsiveness on your engine💫️
=> Reduction of engine temperature
=> Extend the life of your engine, and drive with peace of mind 💯️
=> Choice of air/fuel ratio (AFR) in 10 adjustment positions from a switch button
=> Adapts to all altitudes and weather conditions ⛈️
=> Quick and easy plug-and-play* installation, without any modification to the original wiring
=> Case designed for optimal protection against shock and vibration 🫨️

Don't wait any longer, order your FuelX Pro for your Royal Enfield today, or also discover our other FuelX and Powertronic products to optimize your motorcycle! 🤗️

1 year warranty and technical support ticket on our site in the language of your country.

NB: Remember to register your FuelX Pro with its serial number on the quick user guide for its warranty, *and take 5 minutes to carefully read the instructions on it. ☕️

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Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (Euro 4) 2019 2020
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (Euro 5) 2021 2023