Powertronic V4 Ecu Royal Enfield Scram 411 2023-2024

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PowerTRONIC V4 is a very advanced ECU (Piggyback) for motorcycles of all displacements. Designed to be universally adaptable, the PowerTRONIC V4 ECU plugs into your motorcycle in just a few dozen minutes.
The PowerTRONIC allows you to optimize or improve the performance of your engine as you wish since it is fully programmable and configurable on 2 maps selectable on a switch button allowing you for example to have a Map1 "Road Trip😎️" and a Map2 “Street RACING🚀️”.

Easy programming
With the free Rtune software, you can program injection and ignition maps, calibrate your TPS, limit your engine speed or even add a QuickShifter as you wish!
Adjust your PowerTRONIC V4 easily from your computer or on the brand new support of the new smartphone and tablet application available on our site.

With the PowerTRONIC V4, you will have the following advantages:
§ Installation of the Powertronic in less than 45 minutes, without sophisticated tools §
- Fully programmable mapping 🤗️
- Increased power and torque (depending on programming)
- Better throttle response time, making your motorcycle more lively 💫️
- Engine speed limitation at 12000rpm and configurable (maximum possibility 15000rpm)
- 100% sync compatible with FuelX Lite, Pro and Pro+ 👍️
- Optional and configurable Powertronic Quick Shifter
- Components built to last over time 💪️

Hardware information:
1 PowerTRONIC ECU (Piggyback)
1 Complete PowerTRONIC V4 electrical harness kit, supplied for simple assembly
1 USB cable kit provided to connect it to your computer or smartphone
1 Test box to check the harness connections on the original electrical harness of your motorcycle
1 Plastic clip collar kit

The PowerTRONIC case is resistant to water, cold, heat and shock.

NB: Remember to register your PowerTRONIC V4 with its serial number on the quick user guide for its warranty.
§ Take 5 minutes to carefully read the instructions on this one. ☕️ §

The PowerTRONIC V4 is guaranteed for 1 year with unlimited assistance from our customer support and in the language of your country.

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289.17 € VAT Included

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