Pit Stop cylinder kit 183 R125 - MT125 - XSR125 VVA E5

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The 183 PIT Stop cylinder kit has a 63mm bore, offering a displacement close to 185cc.
It will fit perfectly on your high injection Minarelli LC 125 4T VVA Euro5 engine, for Yamaha R125 2019-, MT125 2020-, XSR 125 2021-, Fantic Caballero 125 2021-, Fantic XEF and XMF 125 2021-, Beta motorcycles RR 4T LC 125 2021-...
To complete the assembly, a cylinder head with 20/23 or 22/25mm valves is recommended, provided that the imprint of the valve shapes is machined on the piston. The original cylinder head with original valve can be kept, it will be necessary to make the usual checks in metrology squish and valve/piston gap.
The cylinder benefits from a ceramic treatment in order to offer better resistance in all possible engine speeds, and from a forged piston with a flat dome. With an adequate intake and electronic engine configuration, it is possible to approach 25 HP!
The PIT Stop kit comes complete with cylinder, cylinder head gasket, base gasket, piston, rings, rods and axle.

LAB Fast125 Tech Tips:
We recommend adding a Racing oil pump and fitting a new timing chain. (see also chain guide pads)
It is possible depending on the version of the engine that the cylinder requires a Manual FST timing chain tensioner, for this please look at our photo in comparison with the one that is already mounted on your machine.
For the replacement of your cylinder you will need to provide for the dismantling of your cylinder head and the ancillary connections.
Before reassembling your high engine, we advise you to check your squish and the valve/cylinder head/piston gap with your camshaft and to torque tighten the 4 cylinder head screws, the tightening of which is 22Nm, and for the 2 screws water pump side at 10Nm.
For motorcycles with high mileage, we recommend that you purchase a water pump repair kit and cylinder head screws!
We also recommend that you put an adequate injector in relation to the engine capacity and well-proportioned intake accessories (throttle body, air box fitting, air filter, fuel pressure regulator, etc.)!
We advise you to put a Powertronic programmable ECU in order to refine your engine tuning.
A forged connecting rod or a crankshaft with forged connecting rod and recommended for engine reliability!

Please look at the vehicle table below, in order to see the possible fitment!⮷
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