Fasstek forged connecting rod kit R125 - MT125 V2 - XSR125

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To reduce the risk of your sluggish engine breaking, Fasstek offers a forged connecting rod kit in its new V2 version with Plasma ION Nitriding treatment for Yamaha VVA Euro5.
This Fasstek Forged connecting rod kit has a connecting rod small end (place where the piston pin is placed) with an additional lubrication hole which allows better lubrication.
In addition, this racing connecting rod obtains a wider and thicker connecting rod section width at the level of the crankpin, which gives strength to the latter. The crank pin is the axis which connects your connecting rod to the 2 masses of the crankshaft, is a very important element because it allows the engine lubrication to pass between the crankshaft and the connecting rod. Its crank pin has seen its lubrication channel increase compared to the original model.

The connecting rod of the original Minarelli 125 4-stroke engine has a well-known weakness, as soon as the mileage of the motorcycle increases or you want to put a large diameter cylinder in it, its expected life will be very reduced. , especially if the tendency of the pilot is to be often to seek the high modes.
So this connecting rod kit will be perfect for racing and streetracing 150cc, 180cc, 200cc and more engines, accepting 14000 rpm!

Mechanical tip:
- When you buy a connecting rod, remember to order the crankshaft bearings, the timing gear on the crankshaft, a top engine gasket set, engine annexes gaskets, as well as a timing chain for excellent engine repair .
- Always remember to make a blank assembly, in order to check that your operating games on all of your engine are correct! (squish, segment cut, piston/valve distance, etc...)

Please look at the vehicle table below, in order to see the possible fitment!

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