SC Power battery charger SCZ15
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Easily transportable with its 66 grams in a backpack, the SCZ15 battery charger is ideal for 6V or 12V motorcycle batteries in conventional lead, maintenance-free, SMF, AGM, EFB and Gel, ranging from 1.2Ah to 140Ah.
The SCZ15 charger is IP65 which allows it to resist dust and water, it also benefits from protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, overload, high temperature and has a stop function automatique.

The SC-Power charger SCZ15 is managed by microprocessor and offers an LCD screen for better visual interaction:
Correspondence of pictograms on the LCD screen:
1. Standard 12V lead/acid battery mode
2. 12V Lead/Acid AGM Battery Mode
3. Winter mode for standard and AGM 12V batteries
4. Standard Lead/Acid 6V Battery Mode
5. Charging indicator, one bar represents 20%
• The “battery” icon flashes: charging in progress
• The “battery” pictogram is fixed with 5 full bars: charge complete, trickle charge activated
6. Voltage indicator
7. Reverse polarity indicator
8. Battery fault indicator
9. Poor cable connection

To better understand the smart charging program, it is done in 6 steps:
1. Battery test.
2. Pulse charging.
3. Start charging in 1A-2A-3A-4.5A steps depending on battery capacity.
4. Main load - constant current load.
5. Absorption charging - constant voltage charging.
6. Trickle charge. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will maintain your battery's charge status automatically.

IMPORTANT: This model will recognize 12 volt batteries only if there is a minimum residual voltage of 8 volts (or the
6 volt batteries with a minimum residual voltage of 4 volts).
If the residual voltage is lower than this data, the charger will not work.

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